Cookies enable us to tailor the websites to your interests and preferences.


Cookies are text files downloaded and stored while you visit the website. They  contain small amounts of information  that are sent back to the original website or to another website that the cookie identifies on subsequent visits.


For instance, cookies are used to ensure a more efficient navigation between websites and provide contents according to your interests and preferences.


The cookies used on this website can be classified in one of the following categories.




1. Strictly necessary cookies


These cookies are mandatory required for the use of certain functions, such as accessing the secured content or for registration.


These cookies cannot be deactivated.



2. Performance cookies


These cookies collect data about the visitors habits on our website.

Thereby problems and error reports form the website are stored. Those information are solely used for increasing the functionality of the website.



3. Cookies from third-party providers


On our website we use contents from third-party providers, such as from YouTube or Google. These providers also set cookies. This also applies to the services of social networks that we embed in our websites. For more information about cookies from third-party providers, please visit the websites of the relevant provider


We use the following services for advertising and marketing purposes:



  • Google Adwords advertising, with conversion and remarketing functions
  • Google Analytics



If you would like further information, please read our Privacy Notice.








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